Open letter to Ryan Fitzpatrick (and/or his agent):

005 (6)Ryan, clearly you are a bright guy, Harvard grad and all, so you might want to present this to your agent (who may not be as bright) with the following facts:
*You are not worth more money than you are currently making and the Jets would be foolish to give you any more
*If there were a market for your services SOMEBODY would have reached out by now
*The fact that you set a franchise record for TD’s last year means, well, absolutely nothing; the real important factor is that the team DID NOT make the playoffs…this occurred despite the fact that all you needed to do was win ONE game against Buffalo (should I list the QB’s in the league who would never lose that season finale? One of them is in your division and lives in your old neighborhood in Boston)
*The truth is, you choked and nobody should demand more money when they do not deliver
*As a Jets fan, who believes they will most likely never win the Super Bowl again, I don’t really care to see another year of a journeyman playing the marquee position…I’d rather see what a young guy like Bryce Petty can do or even draft another QB.
*So, I am not really pleading with you to sign for the $10-12 million…you are a Harvard guy…you do the math.
*Finally, I guess the days are gone when a MAN would say, “Let me come back and finish the job, I know I can get us to the playoffs….”

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