The new rules being implemented in baseball are for the most part non earth shattering. Roster changes, trade deadlines…mild stuff. But, the one I hate is the three batter minimum.

Fast forward…it’s the World Series–Team A is playing Team B…a left handed specialist comes in to get out a key batter, but behind him are two right handed power bats that live off of left handers. The pitcher does his job and gets the left handed batter out, but now, with the game on the line–here come the righties!

But wait, the pitcher is motioning to the dugout–he is having discomfort of some kind…in this day and age, nobody can question whether he is actually hurt…so he has to come out.

Now what, MLB?

Let me just also add, that a clock of ANY kind is ridiculous! It is a cerebral game…the thinking “man” works along with the manager to understand, or mostly question his  strategy.

If you want to shorten the game, cut down the time between innings. EVERYONE hustle on and off the field and the pitcher takes his adequate warm ups. But, that may mean less commercials, less revenue…we would rather ruin the game than take less money however.

Heck no.



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